Saroj Adhikari


Assistant Professor of Physics, SUNY Plattsburgh

About Me

I joined the physics department at SUNY Plattsburgh as an assistant professor in the Fall of 2020. My research area is in cosmology. My primary research interests in cosmology revolve around making use of the cosmic microwave background and galaxy survey data to study early universe cosmology.

I did my PhD at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park and worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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Profiles on Google Scholar and iNSPIRE-HEP

No. Author(s) Title and Journal Link arXiv Link
10 S. Adhikari and D. Huterer Super-CMB fluctuations and the Hubble tension arXiv:1905.02278
9 S. Adhikari and D. Huterer A new measure of tension between experiments arXiv:1806.04292
8 X. Li, N. Weaverdyck, S. Adhikari, D. Huterer, J Muir and HY Wu The Quest for the Inflationary Spectral Runnings in the Presence of Systematic Errors arXiv:1806.02515
7 J. Muir, S. Adhikari and D. Huterer Covariance of CMB anomalies arXiv:1806.02354
6 S. Adhikari, A-S. Deutsch and S. Shandera Statistical anisotropies in temperature and polarization fluctuations from a scale-dependent trispectrum arXiv:1805.00037
5 S. Adhikari, D. Jeong and S. Shandera Constraining primordial and gravitational mode coupling with the position-dependent bispectrum of the large-scale structure arXiv:1608.05139
4 S. Adhikari, S. Shandera and A.L. Erickcek Large-scale anomalies in the cosmic microwave background and signatures of non-Gaussianity arXiv:1508.06489
3 S. Adhikari Local variance asymmetries in Planck temperature anisotropy maps arXiv:1408.5396
2 A.B. Mantz et. al Weighing the giants-IV. Cosmology and neutrino mass arXiv:1407.4516
1 S. Adhikari, S. Shandera and N. Dalal Higher moments of primordial non-Gaussianity and N-body simulations arXiv:1402.2336